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We are a fully remote team of developers, designers and other technology experts distributed throughout the U.S.

We've been in business since 1998, and our clients include everybody from Fortune 500s and the federal government to nonprofits and small-to-medium businesses.

We mostly develop with open-source technologies, and we mostly deploy to the web, but many of our projects include some proprietary software, and we do enjoy and are capable of creating solutions for the desktop, mobile devices and everywhere else that software can run.

Everything we do is designed to identify and mitigate problems before they happen. We write extremely thorough proposals, we work off of production schedules and we communicate constantly.

We always use revision control and a development-staging-production pipeline, we work in small, well-defined sprints and we build tests into everything.

We don't think of ourselves as technology-first — we think of ourselves as problem-solvers-first. We do what we do because we love helping our clients, and the fact that most of our solutions are technology-based is only secondary.

Because we give our clients our all and then some, we're highly selective about the projects we take on and the clients we work with. We're always one hundred percent professional, polite and friendly, and we look for those same qualities in everybody we work with.


Since we’re a custom development shop, a lot of what we do doesn’t come out of a playbook (Ansible aside, that is).

We look for people who are naturally curious about the world — not just technology — and who get engrossed by tough problems rather than getting frustrated by them.

We don’t hire based on pedigree or certifications, because we believe there are many paths to any career. But, we’re definitely interested in people who stay current in their respective areas of expertise.

Our projects cover a lot of ground, and we never know for sure what’s coming up next. That means there’s a place for both generalists and deep specialists with us.

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough, we are a people-oriented company. Everybody here loves working with technology — and we think our track record shows that we’re pretty good at it — but what drives us to come to work each day is solving our clients’ problems.


You can join the Field15 team as a full-time employee, an independent contractor or an intern. We also actively welcome introductions from other companies that believe they could compliment our services or fulfill partnerships we’re looking to make.

If you don’t see the opening below for the role you’d like with us, you're better off not using our contact form, phone numbers or social media accounts to tell us about yourself. That probably won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, use the General Introductions form below — that definitely will get you somewhere.

We’re fully remote and we use a mix of email, JIRA, Hangouts, Zoom and Slack for our day-to-day work. That means we'll need you to be able to work asynchronously and at a distance, too.

So, if you think we’d be a good fit for each other, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!


Independent Contractor, Part-Time

Convert static design ideas into responsive layouts using HTML and CSS.

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Shopify Solutions Provider
Business Partner

Design and develop custom shopify solutions at all levels of complexity.

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General Introductions
Salaried Employees, Independent Contractors, Interns and Business Partners

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