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Look your best, build your brand, and grow your audience.

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Web Design

Whether you’re an author, a literary agent, or a publisher, you know how hard it is to get noticed.

AI farms are flooding sales and distribution channels with throwaway content, social media is fracturing, and readers and retailers are drowning in lookalike stories from anonymous voices.

With our custom web design, distinctive social media kits, innovative merchandising, targeted content marketing, and impactful SEO, field15 clients stand out from the crowd and rise to the top.

And with our award-winning industry veterans as strategic partners on acquisitions, licensing, derivative sales, and more, field15 clients unlock the doors that lead to sustained growth.

Great writing can still reach great audiences. We’ll show you how.

We’re not just connecting dots.

We’re creating them.

We’re not just connecting dots.

We’re creating them.

Web design

Off-the-shelf, point-and-click web design tools are fantastic at delivering basic designs with little effort. But we definitely don’t think you’re basic, and we know you’re worth the extras.

You have a distinctive personality and a unique point of view. Your website should, too.

Discover how a better website attracts more readers, more sales, and more opportunities.

Be Effective

Brand  building

A great cover and cover letter alone just won’t cut it in today’s world.

Readers, reviewers, resellers, editors, translators, and more—they all want to know the story behind the story. They want to be immersed in your world, and they want to understand what makes you tick.

Books are only the beginning. Find out how opening up about yourself opens doors and opens minds.

Be Strategic

Marketing & growth

Engaged audiences and profitable partnerships don’t just magically appear overnight.

SEO and content strategies, licensing and derivatives, and acquisitions approaches are just the tools. Authentic growth and principled marketing are based on sincere relationships and genuine cooperation.

See how a fresh perspective on messaging leads to lasting prosperity.

Be Authentic

We’ve been launching websites, building brands, and guiding growth for more than 25 years.

From debut authors, one-client agents, and startup presses to NYT bestsellers, international agencies, and Big Five publishers, we’ve been launching websites, building brands, and guiding growth for over 25 years.

We bring deep knowledge, innovative approaches, and an extensive network of partners, friends, and advisors to every single project and every single client.

This is who we are—just imagine what we could do together.

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Front Matter

Publishing guidance, wisdom, and predictions for authors, agents, and publishers who want to stay ahead of the story.