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When people ask us about our professional services, we like to say that Field15 is focused on delivering extremely high-quality, custom, digital solutions to small and large businesses, not-for-profit organizations and the federal government. But what does that really mean?

It means that we do all the stuff you'd expect ... design websites; develop web, mobile and desktop applications; set up, audit and maintain networks of all shapes and sizes; create, clean up and manage databases; and generally consult on a wide range of technology-related issues. But, we specialize in cases where off-the-shelf just isn't going to cut it and taking shortcuts isn't even on the table.

If your goals are pretty simple, your problems are fairly run-of-the-mill or you just don't care that much about standing out from the crowd, ready-made products and services are probably a great way for you to cover the basics cheaply and quickly before moving on to other things. But, that's not what we do.

Our clients care deeply about showing the world their individual personalities and points of view. They're solving problems unique to their organizations. And, they're looking for trustworthy, technical experts to help them make complex decisions tailored to their particular needs and dreams.

Wanna see exactly what we mean? Check out the four case studies below to see just a fraction of the work we've already done with other members of the health and wellness business community.

Winter Growth

Web, Mobile and Database


Web and Video


Web and Database


Website Learning Tools

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