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You can’t become an expert overnight, but you can make use of our expertise right now.

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We've spent the last 24 years helping people like you make the best possible decisions about technology. From small organizations and nonprofits to Fortune 500s and the federal government, we may not have seen it all, but we've certainly seen a lot.

Our take on consulting is straightforward.

Be a partner and an advocate.
We’re on your team. We don’t take kickbacks from third parties, and we never upsell our own services. We treat your problems as our own, and we only care about doing what’s best for you. A win for you truly is a win for us.

Always tell the truth — even when it’s hard to hear.
No one likes getting or giving bad news, but the truth matters. To make the best possible decisions, you need to know all the facts. And once you understand where you are, we can get you where you want to go.

Advise, don’t dictate.
We want you to succeed, and we’ll give you a roadmap to reach your goals. But we also understand that detours happen and that the most direct path isn’t always the right one. We respect you and know that the final decision is always yours to make.


In business, risk is inevitable — disasters aren’t.

Some people treat disaster prevention and security as afterthoughts. We don’t. In fact, we believe they need to be baked into everything you do, starting from day one.

Using a combination of industry standards and best practices, past experience and a formalized process that we’ve been refining for years, we’ll help you eliminate the worst risks and mitigate the rest.

More importantly, we won't abandon you. We'll work together to create a schedule that keeps you up-to-date, aware of developing issues and ahead of problems. You won't miss a beat, because we'll be monitoring everything for you.

Topics typically covered in our disaster prevention and security projects include:

Data collection, storage, encryption and transmission.

Development, staging and production environments, revision control, virtualization and containerization.

Backup strategy, automation, maintenance, viability and restoration.

Access Control
Network scans, penetration tests, asset liability and resource configuration.


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If you don’t speak technology, hiring technologists can be nearly impossible.

Posting a job listing online and hiring a recruiter are great ways to get lots of resumes and lots of candidates for an opening. But unless you’re a technical expert yourself, how can you be sure that the person or agency you’re considering actually knows what they’re talking about?

We’re not only technical experts ourselves, but we’ve also hired them ... lots of them. We’ve spent years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes build their own internal teams and evaluate outside partners.

We’re not recruiters, and we can’t bring you candidates, but we can help make sure you choose the right person or company for the job.

Services typically provided in our hiring and acquisition projects include:

Needs assessments, RFPs, compensation and market research

Interview strategy, conducting technical interviews, code reviews

Culture fit, business/technology liaison


Complete your projects on time and on budget by setting yourself up for success.

All too often teams dive into technology projects with unrealistic targets, ill-conceived production schedules, poorly defined deliverables and sparse communication. Before you know it, costs are soaring and everything’s behind schedule.

Managing technology projects is never easy, but there are well-established practices and industry standard tools that help everything run smoothly. We’ve successfully managed our own projects for years, and we can share our knowledge and experience to help you better manage yours.

Services typically provided in our project management projects include:

Needs assessments, production schedules, sprint designs

Tool set up, task assignment, stakeholder outreach

Milestone planning, deliverables tracking, contributor accountability