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Each week we get approached by both current and prospective clients to tackle a wide range of new projects. Some of the projects make sense for us, and some don’t. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for companies who specialize in Shopify solutions and who are the types of organizations we’d feel confident recommending to our clients.

Projects that include Shopify typically fall outside of our main focus area, so we would simply hand the entire project off to you.

Once the project has been handed off, you would contract separately with the client, and we would have no involvement at all.

If Shopify were just one very small or minor part of a project, we may ask you to work with us to complete the Shopify portion, in which case you’d be contracted with us instead of with our client.


The businesses we recommend to our clients and who we partner with on projects are a reflection on us, so we take these partnerships very seriously. Simply put, we look for companies who have a similar approach to work as we do but who provide services that we don’t.

As a fully remote and distributed company, we’re also looking for partners who can manage their own time, work asynchronously and hit production milestones. We like to work with companies who communicate frequently and effectively and who are professional, polite and friendly.

For this particular partnership, we’re also looking for a business with the following background and skills:

  • Based in the U.S.
  • 2+ years of professional Shopify development
  • A public portfolio of Shopify sites that your company has worked on
  • Recommendations from 3 current or past clients
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We don’t think of ourselves as technology-first — we think of ourselves as problem-solvers-first.


Unlike some development companies that charge their clients on a per-hour basis, we charge our clients on a per-project basis, which is also how we compensate business partners when we do work together.

We’ll present you with a list of highly-detailed and specific deliverables, clearly marked milestones and due dates. If you’re able to meet the milestones and due dates, we’ll ask you to tell us what you would charge us to complete the outlined work. We won’t ask you to estimate the number of hours you’ll spend doing the work, and we won’t ask you how you arrived at your price.

All we’re looking for from you is a final cost and a commitment to do the work. It’s that simple.

At the start of each month, you’ll invoice us for what you completed in the previous month and we’ll pay you for your work within 30 days.


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