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(Part-Time, 1099 Contractor)


As a part-time, independent contractor, HTML/CSS Coder with Field15, you’ll convert static design ideas from graphic designers into responsive layouts using HTML and CSS. If you think that sounds a little open ended, you're right.

On some projects, we get to use our own in-house graphic design team, which means that we have much more control over the types of design assets you’ll be working from. Other times, all of the artwork comes from our clients’ graphic designers or even from other vendors our clients are working with.

Likewise, the layouts you’ll be creating will be used in a lot of different ways — Jinja-based templates for web applications, files outputted by generators like Jekyll and Hugo, static files to be delivered over the web and even HTML-based emails. Don’t worry, though, your job isn’t to know how to extend HTML with Jinja syntax, develop with static site generators or run an email campaign (although if you can do any of those things, definitely let us know).

Your job is to write clean and responsive HTML and CSS that works across a host of target environments, includes HTML5 and CSS3 where applicable, is accessible (in the A11Y sense) and is Section 508-compliant when required.

Lastly, our projects include work for the federal government, Fortune 500s, nonprofits and small-to-medium businesses. Sometimes we even produce white-label deliverables for other dev shops, digital agencies and marketing companies. So while you’ll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge layouts that push modern boundaries, you’ll also be asked to create things that adhere to the limitations of legacy technologies.


As a fully remote and distributed company, we’re looking for people who can manage their own time, work asynchronously and hit production milestones. We’re also looking for people who can communicate frequently and effectively and who are professional, polite and friendly. If you haven’t already read the description of who we are and who we hope you are, now’s a great time to check that out.

For this particular role, we’re also looking for somebody with the following background and skills:

  • U.S. resident and citizen
  • 2+ years of professional HTML/CSS coding
  • The ability to write complex HTML and CSS from scratch, by hand and without the use of a framework
  • The ability create layouts based on a front-end framework (Bootstrap, CSS Grid and Foundation are of particular interest to us)
  • An understanding of A11Y and/or Section 508 principles
  • An understanding of common cross-browser and cross-platform issues

Additionally, please tell us if you have any of the following:

  • Sass experience
  • Any JavaScript experience
  • Git experience
  • Linux experience
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We don’t think of ourselves as technology-first — we think of ourselves as problem-solvers-first.


Unlike some development companies that charge their clients on a per-hour basis, we charge our clients on a per-project basis, which is also how we compensate our independent contractors.

We’ll present you with a list of highly-detailed and specific deliverables, clearly marked milestones and due dates. If you’re able to meet the milestones and due dates, we’ll ask you to tell us what you would charge us to complete the outlined work. We won’t ask you to estimate the number of hours you’ll spend doing the work, and we won’t ask you how you arrived at your price.

All we’re looking for from you is a final cost and a commitment to do the work. It’s that simple.

At the start of each month, you’ll invoice us for what you completed in the previous month and we’ll pay you for your work within 30 days.


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