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We do work that saves time, saves money and saves lives. We've won awards, been featured in the media and made an impact both at home and overseas. But we're only one small part of the story.

Our featured projects are a reflection of the amazing clients we have the honor of working with every single day.

HIPAA-Compliant Data Application

Client: Winter Growth

If your clients’ lives are literally what’s at stake, you need software you can count on to help you make the right decisions as quickly as possible.

Web Application Development, UI/UX, Database Development, Advanced Reporting, Integration with QuickBooks, Electronic Medicaid Billing, HIPAA
JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Selenium

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Integration/Automation and Infrastructure Consulting

Client: Roam Agency

Roam Agency thought they were just getting a time-saving solution, but when their hosting provider unexpectedly failed, they discovered they also had a complete disaster recovery system ready and waiting.

Process Automation, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, Integration and Deployment Strategy, Cloud Services
Git, PHP, Python, WordPress

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High-Security Data Application

Client: TriService Nursing Research Program

When this Department of Defense (DoD) Health Care Program outgrew its Microsoft Access database, the team set their sights on something more stable, more secure and more robust.

Web Application Development, UI/UX, Database Development, ETL, Training, Monitoring, High Availability, A11Y/Section 508
C, Perl, PostgreSQL

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Student/Administrator Data Portal

Client: China American Psychoanalytic Alliance

Tired of paying for a subscription-based service that didn’t give them the data and reporting tools they needed, CAPA reduced their costs and increased their productivity with a custom-tailored software solution.

Web Application Development, Ecommerce, API Development, ETL
AWS, FileMaker, Flask, Python, Sass

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Client: Williams Consulting

Automating redundant tasks and creating new lines of communication between off-the-shelf products can provide the boost you need to run your business better.

Process Automation, Integration with FreshBooks, Integration with Request Tracker, Database Development, Monitoring
MySQL, Perl, PostgreSQL, REST

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Hardware Prototype

Client: Limestone American Endurance Team

In the world of endurance racing, every competitive advantage counts, and where one doesn’t naturally exist, custom software (and hardware) can create one.

Hardware Design and Assembly, Driver Development, UI/UX, Interactive Application Development
C, Python, Raspberry Pi, Solder and Soldering Iron

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