The Field15 Story

how we got from there to here

Field15 is a digital design and development shop that focuses mainly on Internet-related technologies (e.g. websites, web apps, mobile apps, etc.), but we can and have published software for the desktop and embedded devices, too. We hope to be able to add the Internet of Things (IoT) to our portfolio pretty soon, but, so far, none of those experiments have managed to make it out of the lab.

We've been open for business since 1998, and we've gone through a lot of changes in that time.  Looking back, it's clear that some of those changes were driven by the rapid pace of technological evolution, but others were definitely inspired by our own evolution as a business and as the individuals that contribute to it. And, after working across so many different industries for so many years, our personal experiences, interests and expertise eventually converged on the health and wellness sector.

Today, you can subscribe to our online services or hire us for your organization's technology needs.  You can shop our designs created for anybody who strives to live a healthier and happier life. Or, if you just want to get to know us better, you can contact us or follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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