Your Body Has Something Important to Say

but are you even listening?

We're all trying to live better these days, and whether you're already a marathon runner, an accomplished yogi or just somebody working on wiggling a little less during meditation, you've likely learned a very important lesson along the way. Everyone's unique, but the best route to a balanced, mindful life comes from really listening to what our bodies are telling us.

Sure, it's not always easy to schedule life around how we're feeling, but more than a hundred years ago scientists discovered that we all experience regular intellectual, physical and emotional cycles. These cycles repeat over steady and predictable periods of time, and our individual patterns are set the moment we're born. The scientists called the system Biorhythms, and you just have to do the math to see which days are perfect for important business meetings, day-long hikes or cuddling up on the couch with some Netflix.

BioBit makes it easy for you to track your personal cycles. We handle all the calculations, we send daily emails telling you where you are in your cycles and how to make the best use of your body's energies that day, we provide a personalized calendar to help you plan major life events and we even offer compatibility reports so that you can compare yourself to other people to see just how well you match up physically, emotionally and intellectually.

With BioBit, you'll learn how to work with your body in a natural and more meaningful way for your best life yet!

And, if you happen to be into endurance sports, marathon running or weightlifting and you already use biorhythm calculations to plan your training sessions—or you're interested in starting—we've got a special offer just for you!



Your Physical cycle is 23 days long, and it deals with your stamina, strength and general health and well-being. At your peaks you'll feel physically awake and strong, and in your valleys you'll feel more run-down and tired.



Your Emotional cycle is 28 days long, and it focuses on your creativity, moods and sensitivity levels. At your peaks you'll be creative and loving, and in your valleys you'll come across as grouchy, uncooperative and pessimistic.



Your Intellectual cycle is 33 days long, and it centers on how alert, logical and analytical your thinking is. At your peaks you'll be quick-witted and open to new ideas, and in your valleys you'll struggle with new concepts and feel "fuzzy."


Daily Outlooks

Start off each day with a custom, personalized biorhythm outlook email. You'll quickly see where you are in your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles, and you'll even get short write-ups telling you what your day might entail. Are you going through a critical period? We'll give you some suggestions for working with your body's own natural energies to make the most of any day.

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Compatibility Matches

Ever wonder how compatible you are with your family members, friends or potential love interests? Use our compatibility tool and find out how in-tune you are physically, emotionally and intellectually with everybody around you. And, don't forget to check out your overall biorhythm compatibility score, too. Since you can compare up to 6 people at a time, it's great for party planning!

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Monthly Planning Tool

We know that having a daily forecast is a great way to prepare for the immediate future, but we also want you to be ready for what's coming your way in the next month or more. Our monthly planning tool lets you see at-a-glance what your best and worst days are for each biorhythm cycle, giving you a leg up when scheduling those big life events and deciding whether to go on that retreat or not.

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Easy-To-Use Interface

We realize that everyone is busy these days, so the quicker you can read and understand your daily biorhythms the better. That's why we've created a really simple, icon-based system to help you easily see where you are in your cycles, where you're heading (peak or valley) and whether you should prepare for a critical or mini-critical day. The faster you soak up the information, the faster you can balance things out!

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